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Sowing Seeds of Joy is committed to sending well-trained laborers into the missions fields for the work of advancing God’s kingdom. Utilizing the medium of short-term trips, we train and deploy teams of individuals to avail themselves for service domestically and cross-culturally. Travel opportunities are presented for participants to develop skills as short-term missionaries; through training, pre-trip through post-trip participates are encouraged to experience God and to embrace the excursion experience.

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Innovation in missions requires us to be creative and to do things differently than others to attract those unaware, unsure, and lacking confidence in their calling to cross-cultural missions. That said, we have introduced initiatives to make people where they are with regard to mission involvement and participation.

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Short-term trips with Sowing Seeds of Joy are typically one to two weeks less than two to three months and are designed with two primary purposes in mind. The first is to maximize the impact of current ministry going on in a given location, and the second is to provide the short-term missionary with an opportunity to experience what God is doing in and through Sowing Seeds of Joy in that locale. We like to say that the experience is more so about the journey than it is about the destination.

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1-3 Months

Our one-to-three-month excursions are designed to expand and strengthen ongoing ministry. The experience is invaluable, both to the one going and those at the ministry site. One-to-three-month missionaries serve long enough to get a clear sense of whether they are being “called” to serve long term. Our current locations set to receive missionaries are Belize, Kenya, and South Africa.


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Denise Miller | Testimony

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Our SEED internship program is an intensive experience for those considering the missions ministry. SEED allows you to serve in a role that fits your skills and interests, to work domestically, learning the nuances of missions and cross-cultural work, and/or go in community alongside experienced missionaries, mentors, and others like you, and explore ministry in a learning, growing environment.

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My trip to Haiti in 2013 was one

to remember. 7 years later and I still reference it from to time to help me remember all the privileges we have here in the USA. Doing a trip with SSOJ was great, it was well organized from the paperwork to the finances to the actual travel arrangements cause getting through customs can be a headache, but it wasn’t with SSOJ. They made sure we knew what to do and not to especially in regard to different cultures and understanding your environment. It was an experience I will never forget and hope to be able to do it again.


Sarah Thomas | Testimony

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Phillip Hill | Testimony

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Our one-to-three years or more excursions build relationships that can make a significant Kingdom impact. We believe the most effective ministries are those that build into communities over time, and that requires that we have people on the ground in a given locale for the long haul.

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