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Community Transformation

Pastoral Care/Discipleship & Leadership Training

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and the Solomon Islands (Melanesia Mission)


Vanuatu and the Solomon Islands are Melanesian countries in the South Pacific consisting of over a thousand Islands. Despite being Christian countries in name, these nations are largely populated with unbelievers. Witchcraft, black magic and cults are commonplace. Youth delinquency runs rampant.


Unemployment is very high. But the people

are very nice, peaceful, and welcoming.

These are nations ripe for another harvest

of souls for the kingdom. You will have a huge

opportunity to reach the hearts and minds

of men, women, and children with the love

of Christ in these nations. We have amazing

local pastors who will hast us at their ministry

centers in both countries. As a volunteer in

Vanuatu and the Solomon Islands you will

have an opportunity for a wonderful

experience. It will be a two-way blessing!



Mission Opportunities: 

  • You will not have to worry about a

language barrier; most people speak

English fluently.


  • You will meet and fellowship with very

welcoming local Christian leaders.


  • You will get to minister in a very open

and needy country. There are many unbelievers.

The harvest is ripe!


  • You will get lots of opportunities to use 

your gifts of helps, service, evangelism,

administration etc. directly with natives.


  • You will have opportunity to share the gospel with as many people as you would like.


  • You will witness firsthand the economic and spiritual challenges of both countries.

Unemployment is over 50% for men in both countries.



Sowing Seeds

  • You will serve locals in helping build storm-resistant structures for worship gatherings

  • You will worship with native churches & be blessed from their singing, preaching and teaching. You will most likely want to come back!

The Joy of Mission

  • You will travel within both countries and discover their vast diversity of tribes, language and culture.

  • You will build lasting relationships with people of a very warm, welcoming people and drink some of the best coconut water in the world!!!!!!!

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