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The Sowing Seeds of Joy International Training Institutes informal collectives of like-minded training centers creating a flexible, collaborative association

United On This Common Ground

  • We want to see "beautiful feet" being sent.

  • To make disciples of Christ.

  • Among the least-reached through our centers.

Operating With This Cultural Ethos

  • Better together

  • Generous Collaboration

  • Risky Steps of Faith

  • Extravagant Trust


  • "The Great Commission is too big to accomplish alone and too important not to try to do together." (Steve Moore, MissioNexus)

  • We will resist reacting with a "scarcity mindset" of competition.

  • We will act with a cooperative Kingdom mindset because "a rising tide floats all boats."

The Fruit of Cooperating to Create and Catalyze Strategic International Initiatives

  • Helping to enhance the disciple-making endeavors in the locales (nations) we serve.

  • Mobilize as missionaries to the unreached people groups on our planet

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Sowing Seeds of Joy Kenya

James and Chao Wanje

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Marriage and Family Outreach

Pastoral and Church Leadership Development

Humanitarian Outreach

James and Chao Wanje have worked as missionaries in their nation, Kenya, for more than 10 years.  After attending college, getting married and having their two boys (Morris and Francis) in the USA, they answered the call to return to their nation, Kenya, to carry on the family legacy of mission work with their own people. 


The Wanjes are now investing their passion on the Coastal region of Kenya.  This is the area where James’ father, the late Reverend Morris Wanje, invested more than 50 years in evangelism and discipleship of the natives.  Reverend Morris Wanje was the first Baptist convert in the East African region.  Before he went to be with the Lord in February 2014, Reverend Morris Wanje had started more than 67 churches, many of which are in the Coastal region of Kenya.


The Wanjes are passionate about carrying the legacy of Reverend Morris Wanje in the transformation of communities through the local church.  Through Sowing Seeds of Joy Kenya, they carry out their passion by focusing on five pillars: Marriage and Family Outreach; Pastoral and Church Leadership Development; Evangelism and Church Planting; Training and Discipleship; Humanitarian Outreach that include Water for Life and Seeds Creation.


Sowing Seeds of Joy South Africa

Winston and Naomi Myers

SSOJ South Africa.png
  • Spiritual and Physical Feeding Program

  • Holistic Mental Health Program

  • Short-Term Missions Outreach

  • Facebook

November 2014, Naomi and I (Winston Myers) had the privilege to facilitate a mission outreach in Cape Town as members of and the mission pastor of North Pine Baptist Church. We partnered with Sowing Seeds of Joy USA in this endeavor. On that occasion, we were honored to meet Ron and Star Nelson and James Wanje.  This was the start of a new thing God was doing in our lives as a family.

Amazingly God prepared us, having served several years with other mission outreach organizations such as Mercy Ship.  This new direction for our lives was revealed just a few weeks later. We had to urgently seek God’s strength through prayer and fasting to make some major decisions in our ministry journey. God directed us and we once again said yes Lord.  

We accepted the call to join God at work in this world through heading up the mission organization Sowing Seeds of Joy - South Africa It seemed to have been a bigger step of faith than we have ever taken, once again…but God!

By God’s grace SSOJSA exists as a Para church organization supporting the commission of the local church as directed by God’s word in Matthew 28: 19 & 20 Acts 8:1 and is currently registered with the government of South Africa as a non-profitable organization. We have a board of directors in place and a managing team facilitating a few ministries.

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Sowing Seeds of Joy South Pacific

Phillip Hill

  • Trauma Healing

  • Internet Access

  • Christian Book & Resource Materials

  • Family Counseling

  • Discipleship & Leadership Training

  • Film School


Singer, Songwriter, Producer, Christian Music Artist, Bible Teacher, Servant, and missionary. Phillip is a graduate of Dallas Theological Seminary, studied Religion at Carson–Newman University and Tel Aviv University International. His missionary travels have taken him to Brazil, New Zealand, Israel, and Greece. As a Sowing Seeds of Joy Missionary, Phillip, with God’s favor, will launch Sowing seeds of Joy’s home office from the island of Vanuatu in the South Pacific.


This training center, to be located in Vanuatu, will serve the islands of the South Pacific. The center, like its equivalent in Belize and South Africa, would function to provide programs to meet the needs of communities facing various issues, i.e., literacy, reading comprehension, spousal and family abuse, lack of spiritual growth, poor leadership, and community waste. Like its counterparts, this center will similarly provide space for training and workshops. Featured activities and events will focused on 1) Trauma Healing, 2) Internet Access, 3) Christian Books & Resource Material, 4) Family Counseling, 5) Discipleship and Leadership Training, 6) Film School.