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Trauma Healing/YWAM Camp Anniversary

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Belize, Belmopan

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Belize stands out from her Central American neighbors in several exceptional ways. Belize is the only Central American country whose national language is English. This territory was once the center of a vast Mayan kingdom, but its modern roots were set by English pirates. Though extremely poor, Belize has the highest literary rate in Central America and is home to some of the most beautiful reefs in the world. This is a place of extremes. A mission trip or expedition to Belize promises to be an experience unlike any other.


With deeply rooted partnerships and newly

developed relationships with local pastors

and churches, there are incredible ministry

opportunities for our mission team when

you serve on a SSOJ Belizean mission trip.

With our genuine partnerships already

in place, you will find yourself encouraging

a pastor in sustainable ways that will continue

to impact the community after you have

returned home.


Belize is a place that has great beauty, but

still has great need. This country and its

hospitable people will grab your heart in

such a way that you will want to form a

long-term relationship with your host

pastor and community. It is possible to

return to the same community every year

to continue to encourage the local pastor.


We know that both the lives of the individuals on your Belize mission team as well as the lives of those you serve will be impacted as you dedicate and use your talents, gifts, and abilities for the Lord with your family, youth group, college group, or intergenerational group this year.


A mission trip to Belize with Sowing Seeds of Joy is centered on the local Belize YWAM Ministry. God is at work and the Belizean people are excited to partner with you. Come experience Belize - You Better Belize It! Contact Sowing Seeds of Joy to begin planning your mission trip today. Belize is expecting you. Do you hear her calling?




Mission Opportunity: Discipleship Training School (DTS), Cultural Field Studies, Outdoor Adventure, Marriage Enrichment, Evangelism, Trauma Healing, Food Distribution, Education/Literacy, Community Outreach & Sports Ministry, Construction, Youth Enrichment. Our philosophy is to find out where God is at work and join Him there; we serve at the pleasure of our host.



Sowing Seeds

  • Spread joy men, women, & children.

  • Rejoice & celebrate 10 yrs. Of ministry

  • Participate in Trauma Healing Sessions

The Joy of Mission

  • Snorkel in the second largest coral reef barrier in the world.

  • Go on the most exciting tubing trip of your life through an extensive cave system.

  • Explore ancient Mayan kingdoms and be your own Indiana Jones

Image by Meritt Thomas
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