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December 1 – 10, 2024

Married Couples Retreat Trip

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Ceará, Brazil


Ceará, pronounced locally as [sjaˈɾa] or [sɪaˈɾa]) is one of the 26 states of Brazil, located in the northeastern part of the country, on the Atlantic coast. It is the eighth-largest Brazilian State by population and the 17th by area. It is also one of the main tourist destinations in Brazil. Join us as we destinate this trip – Mission Marriage. Sweep your loved one away for a romantic, overseas getaway to recharge, refresh, grow more together in Christ and just have fun. Enjoy the fellowship of other couples! Explore the Dunes of Brazil - an ecosystem formed of white dunes which cover 383,000

acres and look like bedsheets

(lençóis in Portuguese).


A trip to connect; in every stage of marriage,

you and your spouse can find a renewed

opportunity to lean in and learn even more

about growing together and strengthening

your relationship. Our Marriage Retreat

provides a place and experience of serenity,

a place where there’s space to be honest and

intentional. A journey to the unfamiliar where

together, you’re have experiences that stretch

and strengthen your marriage as you reaffirm

your devotion to Christ and each other.


  • To learn and grow together work through

challenges together.


  • To surpass what you thought was possible, and then emerge united and equipped to meet life with strength and courage.


  • To receive Christ -Focused Teaching.


  • To experience inspired hospitality.


  • To have fun, fellowship, and celebrations.


  • To serve together and with others.


December 1 – 10, 2024



Sowing Seeds

  • Experience an Opportunity To Grow.

  • A concentrated time to spend on your relationship.

  • Fellowship with like-minded couples.

The Joy of Mission

  • Fall in love again.

  • Stayed in a cozy inn with a pool in each room.

  • Our destination - It is a sunny and very good place to walk with couples.

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