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Women On Missions is a platform that honors the grace, dignity, courage, beauty, charm, wisdom, and experience of women gifted to advance the kingdom of God. Sowing Seeds of Joy provides this platform and safe place for such women to express themselves without any pushback, to recognize their status in Christ, discover their God-given assignment, acknowledge God’s call on their lives, and enforce the understanding that individually and corporately they possess power and influence to advance God’s kingdom both locally and cross-culturally. 


The perspective of women and responsibility to lead is to be taken seriously. Sowing Seeds of Joy conducts a one-hour Zoom call session, the third Saturday of every month, with women who embrace fellowship, friendship, and the power of the voice.  Via this program and platform, Sowing Seeds of Joy encourages women to uses their influence to ignite change and make a difference, because their voices matter.


Annually, women on missions are recognized with the accolade and ministry event "SEEDS OF HONOR.” 

Sowing Seeds of Joy believes in motivating women leaders. One way we do this is through short, relational, practical, and hands-on training at retreat gatherings.


We host retreats for our “Leading the Way” women. The women’s retreats offer time away from the busyness of life, with powerful teaching and the forging of friendships.


Check out our upcoming retreats below.

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Women Leading the Way

This is a platform to highlight the many ways that women lead. Women's voices matter. Each month, every 3rd Saturday, 10am-11am, women are asked to join in a Zoom webinar to celebrate their VOICES – “Women Leading the Way.” On this one-hour call, conversations of prayer and safeTalk are had among women who “lead the way” – in her family, community, workplace, and country. We offer capacity-building activities and resources for nurturing all women in continuing to enhance their leadership skills and extend their influence. Knowing that their voices matter, their significance, impact, and purpose are developed when they connect with others, this platform provides ways for women to reflect, grow, heal, and learn with and from one another. Sowing Seeds of Joy minister to women who exhibit the traits of womanhood praised in Proverbs 31: “She is clothed with strength and dignity; she can laugh at the days to come” Proverbs 31:25

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Dunia Jean-Baptiste 04/20/2024

Chao Tsuma.jpg

Chao Wanje    03/16/2024 

Cheray Scott June Speaker.jpg

      Cheray Scott          June 15, 2024

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Sandra Torres 


Sandra Green.jpg

Sandra Green    05/17/2024


Star Nelson 




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Joslynn Hall


Rev Tina Smalls Picture.jpeg

Rev. Tina Smalls



Lori Pearson


Lori Pearson Picture.jpg

Lori Pearson



Charlotte Crabbe


Krystianna Valencia (1).jpg

Krystianna Valencia



Chrystal Castillo


Carmen Foy Picture1.jpg

Carmen Foy



Dr. Marjorie J. Brown




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Ebonee Rice


Tamiko Covington Photo 2.jpg

Timiko Covington



Lori Pearson


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Helen Owens 


Marti Williams (1).jpg

Marti Williams


image (9).png

Chris & Angela Kemp


image (1).png

Ramona Ford


image (7).png

Rev. Sandra Dorsainvil


FB_IMG_1643672821913 (1).jpg

Chanel Holmes




Mary Wilkerson.png

Mary Wilkerson


Fay Adams Photo.jpg

Fay Adams


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Seeds of Honor

Presented by Sowing seeds of Joy, the Seeds of Honor program helps share the astonishing stories of women who are making a difference in the lives of families, communities, and people groups around the world.  Each year, our awards program shines a light on the phenomenal work and voices of women from all walks of life at the grassroots level to the global stage. Through this platform, our objective is to helps propel future leaders, women of influence to rise and take their places in the world, recognizing them as rising stars to bigger and better things. Introduced in 2020, this medium of engagement gives us and the audiences we serve a chance to hear from and connect with a range of women who are helping to advance God’s kingdom agenda. Sowing Seeds of Joy, in honoring women, says “Honor your amazing-ness by honoring YOU.


The more you honor who you are, the more amazing you will become.” ~ Unknown

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Sowing Seeds of Joy believes in resourcing and empowering women leaders. One way we do this is through concise, practical, and hands-on training at retreat gatherings. We host retreats for women. These inspirational gatherings are typically offered with the objective to advocate for the voices of women. The women’s retreats are a time for women from all walks of life to gather, seek the Lord, be encouraged, and convicted. The retreats offer time away from the busyness of life, with powerful teaching and the forging of friendships.

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“Women Leading the Way” webinars cover a range of topics to encourage, develop, heal, allow for SafeTalk communication, nurture, and stir hearts of women to lead with confidence, passion, and an alignment with God’s will for their lives. Speakers are invited to share everyday experiences, speak on topics of interest, and encourage leadership. Conversations will embrace this thought “A beautiful woman uses her lips for Truth, her voice for Kindness, her ears for Compassion, her hands for Charity and her heart for Love. For those who do not like her, she uses Prayer.” ~ Unknown

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