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Discipleship Training

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Ghana, Africa


Ghana is a country in West Africa bordering the Gulf of Guinea, between Cote d'Ivoire and Togo. Ghana is known for being rich in natural resources. Sowing Seeds of Joy collaborates with City of Refuge Ministries (CORM) and Feed the Generations International Ministries (FTG).


CORM exists to provide holistic restoration for children who have been liberated from exploitation, abuse, or trafficking. They aim

to prevent exploitation at its roots by

empowering individuals and communities

to eradicate child slavery and achieve

personal and community goals.


FTG exists to come alongside communities

as they transform physically and spiritually. T

hrough agricultural development, education,

and the truth of Christ’s love, FTG can help

create sustainable change for communities

in need. Partnership founded on biblical truth

makes way for tangible transformation.


A mission’s trip to Ghana with Sowing Seeds

of Joy is centered on local ministries that are

serving their communities. God is at work and

the Ghanian people are excited to partner

with you. Come experience the real Ghana.

Contact Sowing Seeds of Joy to begin planning your mission trip today. Ghana is waiting. Do you hear her calling?

  • Develop Christian character

  • Applying biblical principles to daily living

  • Present the challenge of fulfilling the Great Commission.




Mission Opportunity: Evangelism, Education, Community Transformation, Humanitarian Outreach.



Sowing Seeds

  • Spread joy and laughter with Ghanian men, women, & children.

  • Evangelize on the streets and fields of Ghana.

  • Live and work in community (alongside our Ghanian brothers & sisters).


The Joy of Mission

  • Climb the Shai Hills and experience the wildlife around you.

  • Visit Cape Coast and see the slave castles along the beaches.

  • Reach out to a needy community of central Ghana.

  • Enjoy a time of fellowship through cultural exchange.


Short Term Mission Trip to Ghana in collaboration with CORM and FTG Ministries

SSOJ will join CORM for one week and FTG for one week. However, the effects of showing Christ’s love lasts long after the team leaves.

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