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  • RE Nelson & Ariel “Buttercup” Pollydore

On Our Knees

By RE Nelson & Ariel “Buttercup” Pollydore

On our knees

We are victorious,

On our knees

We conquer all.

We pray to God

the only one who knows,

our prayers to be a weapon,

Powerful and Mighty,

Sent to God glorious and almighty.

On our knees we hold a candle,

With a single breath it blows,

But yet the Spirit knows,

Of a lasting love that glows.

Eternal bliss with Christ our choice in life.

Together on our knees,

We pray for the spice of life.

And as the candle’s flame glows,

Destined to lose its light,

We’ll sing praises to our God with all our might.

On our knees we need not fight,

Knowing God is our eternal light,

On our knees He conquers all,

On our knees He will find us tonight.

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