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  • Ron and Star Nelson

The Great Commission (In Spoken Word)

Presented to Rev. Ron Nelson, Director of Evangelism and Missions at Oak Cliff Bible Fellowship, Dallas, TX (2008 – 2013)

Go: to move, to leave, to leave behind,

Therefore and

Make: to form, to shape, to develop, to mature

Disciple: pupils, followers, learners of all the

Nations: territories, cultures, governments, people

Baptizing: to immerse, to dip, to cleanse, to purify,

them in the name of the

Father: El Elyon, El Shaddai, El ‘Olam, El Hai, El Ro’i, El Elohe,

Israel, El Gibbor

Son: Jesus, Rose of Sheron, Morning Star, Immanuel, Savior, My Salvation

Holy Spirit: Holy Ghost, 3rd Person of the Trinity, the Anointing

Teaching: instructing, informing, enlightening, them to

Observe: to follow, to adhere, to celebrate, to watch over all things which I have

Commanded: ordered, directed with authority,

you, and lo I am with you

Always: at all times, on all occasions, at any time, forever

even to the

End: termination, no more, final, stop

of the

Age: an era, a generation, a lifetime, eternity,


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