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Seeds of Honor – Sheila Patterson

Sowing Seeds of Joy is honored to spotlight Board member Emeritus Sheila Patterson Sheila Patterson has served on the Board of Directors of Sowing Seeds of Joy for over 10 years. Sheila has participated on short-term mission teams to Haiti and Belize.

Most recently, she helped organize and lead a team with students from the University of Delaware to Belize. She is a full-time, short-term missionary and servant leader along with her husband of over 21 years, Lee Patterson. Sheila has traveled as a missionary to Nigeria, Papua New Guinea, Bahamas, Thailand, Mexico, and as noted, Haiti and Belize. As a retired educator and Golden Life Member of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Incorporated, Sheila uses her gifts, talents, time, and abilities to serve the Kingdom of God and her community well.

Sheila is being honored this August as a 50 Hoops National Legend. Sheila is an ovarian and breast cancer survivor and began her work in outreach, education, and support at Oak Cliff Bible Fellowship, in Dallas, TX. Sheila has been a member of Oak Cliff Bible Fellowship since 1984. She is co-founder of the Oak Cliff Bible Fellowship (OCBF) Comprehensive Cancer/Caregivers Support Group also known as CCSG. This support group provides an abundance of resources such as hosting monthly workshops, providing speakers, and offering conferences.

It is through her work with CCSG at Oak Cliff Bible Fellowship that she connected as the Dallas Coordinator with 50 Hoops. 50 Hoops works with major hospitals, clinical researchers, and health ministries, and cancer advocates nationwide. They provide resources for all forms of cancer and outreach to African Americans about the COVID-19 pandemic and vaccine status.

Sheila will be honored during a ceremony known as the Turning of the Tassel on August 26, 2021, the graduation ceremony begins at 12:15 PM and there is a workshop at 12:30 which will address African Americans in clinical trials. It is with special recognition and great joy that Sowing Seeds of Joy honors Sheila Patterson for her commitment to educating and encouraging cancer patients, survivors, caregivers, and communities. We salute her and recognize the impact of her work.

Thank you, Sheila, for inspiring us all. We honor you for your outstanding service and love for others.

Sowing Seeds of Joy’s Mission

As a bridge to the nations, Sowing Seeds of Joy engages Black, African American, and people of color communities through cross-cultural missions training, discipleship, and spiritual formation for the work of advancing God’s Kingdom.

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