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Knowledge Without Relationship

Street evangelism is vital, the heartbeat of the Church! We need to see that the fall away is real. Many are not born again; they have not encountered Jesus personally. They have just read about Him. They have "read through" the Bible but have not been touched by God. Many know of the Bible but are running from Him because they are not born again. They are not able to carry out the call of God on their lives without repenting and believing the gospel!

Many are trapped in their minds in error, disillusionment and pride but are truly lost and are not saved. We must see the true spiritual condition of people who are "churched." Many are truly lost: knowledge without relationship.

The man last night said he has been saved three times! He is not born again. Know nothing about the Holy Spirit or the power of God. He is ever reading but not learning. His knowledge and human reasoning and church experiences has caused him to reason himself right out of believing heaven, hell, and the death, burial and resurrection of Jesus Christ! This is the apostasy Jesus speaks about in the Word.

As an evangelist, this is both alarming and heart breaking to see. It lights a fire in me to continue to preach the Gospel, stand on the Truth and desire for people to have a supernatural encounter with Jesus Christ! We must be born again! Many are not and may be candidates to fall away!

Lord, let the Gospel go out so some might be truly saved and born again! In the name of Jesus. Amen.

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