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The launch and growth of Kids’ Soccer Africa in Rwanda has been greatly assisted by the support of Upward USA, a Christian sports ministry in Spartanburg, S.C. With years of experience in church-based soccer ministry, Upward has many resources to assist new and established churches, as they reach out to their communities. Upward Soccer programs are designed to share the love of Jesus with children and their families who participate throughout the year.

This ministry promotes character to help every child grow spiritually, physically, mentally and socially. The ministry also promotes self esteem to help every child grow in their understanding and enjoyment of sports – including soccer playing and scoring skills!

Please pray that the churches of Rwanda will continue in their enthusiasm to start and support KSA Upward modeled soccer ministries. And for funds for KSA to provide basic supplies of real soccer balls (not rolled up banana leaves), team shirts, and Leaders’ and Coaches’ manuals.

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