James and Chao Wanje have worked as missionaries in their nation, Kenya, for more than 10 years.  After attending college, getting married and having their two boys (Morris and Francis) in the USA, they answered the call to return to their nation, Kenya, to carry on the family legacy of mission work with their own people. 


The Wanjes are now investing their passion on the Coastal region of Kenya.  This is the area where James’ father, the late Reverend Morris Wanje, invested more than 50 years in evangelism and discipleship of the natives.  Reverend Morris Wanje was the first Baptist convert in the East African region.  Before he went to be with the Lord in February 2014, Reverend Morris Wanje had started more than 67 churches, many of which are in the Coastal region of Kenya.


The Wanjes are passionate about carrying the legacy of Reverend Morris Wanje in the transformation of communities through the local church.  Through Sowing Seeds of Joy Kenya, they carry out their passion by focusing on five pillars: Marriage and Family Outreach; Pastoral and Church Leadership Development; Evangelism and Church Planting; Training and Discipleship; Humanitarian Outreach that include Water for Life and Seeds Creation.

Marriage and Family Outreach:

We believe that communities are transformed: One home at a time.  We are passionate about helping build marriages and families.  We especially partner with local churches in building these homes.  Our model is to not only build the couples, but to also train them so that they can go and reach their own communities.

Pastoral and Church Leadership Development:

In the communities we work with, not only do more than 80% of the pastors lack theological training, they also do not have access to such training.  We work in partnership with local churches to bring theology into their communities.  Alongside theological training, we also train the pastors and church leaders in basic leadership development to help them build stronger congregations who will also reach their communities.


Humanitarian Outreach:

In a community where clean water is scarce, diarrhea and especially in children and low school attendance, are a common occurrence.  These diseases are treatable and preventable; the use of water filters has meant access to clean water to these communities.  Water filters are also evangelistic tools and through the filters, more than 70 people have come to know the Lord. 

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