On February 3, 2017, Brian Doriot was extended an invitation to become a long-term missionary to represent Sowing Seeds of Joy cross-culturally. He was carefully vetted through our application process and on February 7, he officially accepted. Later, he was prayed for by SSOJ board chair, Lee Paterson, and commissioned by SSOJ founder, Ron Nelson. On that proud and historic occasion, Brian stood with his dad by his side, mom joined them later. They were all smile; all three departed for the long flight to Indonesia on March 2, 2017. Brian will be serving alongside his parents as they minister and work among the Indonesian people in Bible Translation.


Contributions to the work in Indonesia can be sent via mail to Sowing Seeds of Joy, P.O. Box 181115, Arlington, TX 76096; place on the memo line: work in Indonesia

With at least three weeks into their journey, Roger Doriot and family sends these two messages: “Headed interior four days - Mamberamo River basin. Probably NO INTERNET! But need prayers these four days!!! Conference of about 20 small tribes! Very little translation or audio Scripture. Will discuss what they want, who has education there, will they support the projects, etc., etc. Education has been limited; lowlands - hot, adverse climate; very low population (tribes of 500 or so) .... Definitely some of "the least of these our brethren." What can we do to meet their needs? ... Please pray!!! ... Thanks!”

Then later, he and family, sends: 

“Back from 3 days in Nalja and 1 day in Wamena. Things went very well. ... Now next week three days at a conference in the Mamberamo River basin, churches from about 20 tribal groups will have representatives. Pray for discussions on Bible translation, etc., for these neglected groups!”