South Africa is one of the most visited and well-known locations on the continent of Africa. Tourists from all over the world seek adventure in this distinct setting, but beneath the surface are people who struggle with sickness, poverty, and public strife. Embark on an adventure by learning to enjoy life and experience more of God. Serve with other individuals by engaging in community transformation, working with gangs and helping to win the lost for Christ. Step out of your comfort zone and learn about all the wonderful things God is doing in South Africa.  

A missions trip to South Africa with Sowing Seeds of Joy is an experience you’ll never forget. You will have the chance to watch your heart, mind, and perspective transform as you serve those in desperate need of compassion and care. You will heal and be healed on this rare journey. After a generation of Apartheid, South Africa still struggles with the ramifications of this dehumanizing policy. But hope and joy continues to grow in the hearts of its people.

South Africa-Cape Town ($3,500)

  • October 22-29, 2019

    Community Transformation: Community Transformation, Gang Intervention, Evangelism, Trauma Healing Workshops, Humanitarian Outreach, Travel Learn opportunities