Belize is the only Central American country whose national language is English. This territory was once the center of a vast Mayan kingdom but its modern roots were set by English pirates. Though extremely poor, Belize has the highest literary rate in Central America and is home to some of the most beautiful reefs in the world. This is a place of extremes.


A missions trip to Belize promises to be an experience unlike any other. Our partnerships with passionate and poignant outreach organizations give our participants the unique opportunity to intimately serve the people of Belize. Impact hundreds of girls by helping them develop a healthy self-image while giving them the opportunity to discover their self-worth in Christ. Families are also welcome to get involve in distributing bible tracks, training leaders and engaging in service projects to benefit members in the local community. We’re all about taking the simple, clear message of the gospel to the nation of Belize. The committed task will be to help believers experience a more evangelistic life. Play a role in God’s story! Imagine climbing ancient Mayan ruins or spending 3 days on islands in the Caribbean Sea. Belize is waiting. Do you hear her calling?

Belize-Belmopan ($1,900)

  • April 25-May 1, 2019


    Mission Opportunity: Evangelism, Youth Development & Discipleship, Marriage Enrichment, Construction, Sports Ministry, Humanitarian Outreach